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8 Simple Healthy Eating Habits That Work Instantly

Making small changes to your diet can provide numerous health benefits. A healthy diet plan focuses on consuming minimally processed foods that are closer to their natural form. It also includes looking for healthier alternatives to satisfy your cravings and keep you feeling fuller. 

Here are 8 simple eating habits that work instantly.

1. Cut Out Added Sugar 

When cleaning up your diet, foods and beverages with added sugar are the first things you should quit. Added sugar is linked to various health issues such as heart disease, obesity, etc. Replacing your favorite sweet treats with healthy substitutes not only helps satisfy your cravings but also keeps you on track.

2. Choose Organic Versions of Foods  

Including organic foods in your diet helps reduce the intake of contaminants and boosts the nutritional value of your meals. Organic versions of all popular foods are available which are not only good for our health but are also beneficial for the planet. Shopping for organic Indian groceries online in the USA has become easier with Indus Valley Organic which makes it easier for you to include organic versions of foods in your diet.


3. Say No to Diet Foods 

To lose weight many people start looking for diet foods such as meal replacement bars, weight loss drinks, diet soda, etc. These diet foods are loaded with preservatives and artificial sweeteners that can do more harm. Say not to unhealthy diet foods and choose healthy non-diet foods like natural peanut butter and full-fat yogurt.

4. Cook Your Meals Yourself 

Cooking at home is easier on the budget and gives you better control over the ingredients. By cooking your meals at home, you will know what's in it. Additionally, cooking your food yourself reduces the risk of obesity and improves diet quality.

5. Choose Healthier Cooking Methods  

Healthier cooking methods such as baking, boiling, pressure cooking, and simmering can reduce the risk of several health conditions, like heart disease and cancer. These healthy cooking methods reduce the formation of harmful compounds to make your meals healthier. It is better to use grilling and frying methods sparingly.

6. Increase your Protein Intake 

Protein is one of the most filling macronutrients that decreases the levels of hunger hormones to reduce the risk of obesity and weight gain. Protein also helps you prevent muscle loss that can occur with age. At the same time, it curbs cravings, keeps you feeling fuller, and reduces the likelihood of overheating. Some good sources of protein include nuts, peanut butter, eggs, and beans.

7. Keep Your Coffee Simple  

The antioxidants in coffee are linked to various health benefits. However, additives like artificial sweeteners and whipped cream negate all the health benefits and add lots of calories. Drink your coffee black or add a small amount of milk to keep it healthy.


8. Eat Your Greens First  

Eating your greens first has many benefits. This may help you eat fewer less nutritious meal components. At the same time, it allows you to finish all your greens. Also, eating vegetables before a meal can help control blood sugar levels.



Making major changes to your diet or lifestyle at once can be overwhelming. Start with small changes to gradually improve your diet. The small changes lead to a big impact on your well-being.

Indus Valley Organic is a certified organic Indian grocery distributor in the USA making organic food more accessible and affordable. We are committed to helping our customers walk towards a healthy future by choosing the finest Indian organic products online.

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