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  Frequently Asked Questions


  • How does one ensure the authenticity of Organic? 

Organic products go through a rigorous certification process, right from the farmland to the processor, each stage has to go through the certification process. India, where our products are grown and processed has adopted an Organic plan called “National Program for Organic Production: NPOP” and the certification is called India Organic Certificate. Similarly USA has the organic standards that are under “National Organic Program: NOP” and the standards are maintained by the US Department of Agriculture. EU standards for Organic certification is followed for Europe.​

  • Where is it produced? 

Organic is a process of 8-10 years of continuous development of farmland without any chemical aid. Our Farmers in the States of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Kerala have been converting their farmlands into organic farms and getting certified. Any Organic produce comes from these certified farmlands only.

  • Will I always get the same taste from the Organic Products? 

All these items are organic in nature and hence only gone through the natural process. That means that the actual taste will vary depending upon the soil condition, and the farm type etc., as compared to the conventional product, which maintain almost the same taste because of the chemicals addition. Even from one batch number to other, the taste can vary.

  • Is organic tastier? 

In general organic is more aromatic and tastier as the natural taste is not spoiled by the use of chemicals and there are no added flavors or artificial colors.​

  • How our products are different from other organic products??

Our products come mainly from Uttarakhand. The farms in the higher elevations of the Himalayas are naturally organic and have never been exposed to the commercial agriculture. Hence even though they go through the certification process, the soil is inherently much richer in minerals and other nutritious elements that finally constitute the agriculture produce.  Hence the products are lot more healthier and a lot more tastier.

  • Why does organic not look as good as conventional products?

The organic products do not go through any process of polishing. Also no chemicals are added for any artificial coloring or shining agent or process etc. Absence of chemicals and no polishing makes the physical appearance of the organic product look less appealing.

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