About Us


At Indus Valley Organic our motto is  "Always Leave the Earth a little better than we found it",  with that in mind we believe  organic farming and food is the best way to care and protect both for the planet and the health.

   We founded Indus Valley Organic with one goal in mind:  Bringing the high-quality, clean, and certified Indian groceries to make safe and healthy (organic) food more accessible and affordable  to shoppers from the comfort of their homes. We work with a small group of trusted vendors to bring the finest food products to our growing community. We know that every product counts, and strive to make the entire shopping experience as rewarding as possible. Check it out for yourself!

How do we ensure Quality processing for widest range of the Products?

The products are sourced from the organic certified farms primarily in Uttarakhand.  The products go through extensive quality checks and stored in temperature controlled environment to reduce the risk of infestation provide a quality product to our consumers. Best of the facilities are used for processing that ensures the quality and the hygiene of these products.

Just Organik : In Harmony with Nature

Nature- referred as “mother nature” offering pure and unbiased love and care and  comprises of this beautiful eco-system, which is governed by set of rules. Rules to grow the crops, turn the soil, refill of the micronutrients and many more. Each of these rules is meant to ensure that we eat healthy, feel healthy and stay healthy.

a walk to healthy future

It is our responsibility to walk towards a healthier life and a more natural way of living. We should try to at least take care of our own health and hence leading the way towards the healthier future for our kids. The first step in that direction is adaptation of organic food. Organic food means that most essential element, “Mother Earth”, has only consumed chemical free and only natural elements to produce the food, which is a lot more natural, healthier and tastier. Everything come for a cost and hence expect a little more to pay from your regular food, but that is a very small fee to pay for the benefits that are not only limited to you but also you can pass on to your younger generation.

This is only a little that we can do for keeping our future generations on a healthy path and thus leading the “walk towards healthy future.”