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Why you should use organic products?

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

In today's world what could be more important than your own immunity. Recent COVID Pandemic has brought immunity to forefront. So far there is no medicine to fight against COVID except your own immunity. Not only COVID but also strongest armor against the dreadful attack of infections, flu, diseases and health problems is immunity. But how do you increase your immunity?

Immunity cannot be built at will or over night. There are no drugs to make you immune from all the diseases. The immunity comes from the micro-nutrients such as minerals, fatty acids and vitamins that are taken as the food supplements. Have you thought that why do we need food supplements when we already eat food?

The reason is that the current conventional food is not sufficient to give us what we need. Wouldn’t it have been nice if all these micro-nutrients were already present in our food that we eat daily and hence the need of supplementing these micro-nutrients through the external and the synthesized sources becomes irrelevant. How?

The answer is Organic Food.

The result of being alert and aware is an immune system that resists bacteria, viruses and fungus from attacking the human body. The best way to have a highly immune body is the intake of healthy nutritious and natural foods, that are clean, hygienic and safe. While hygiene protects the food from outside, the internal and intrinsic safety of the food is the organic food. After all, this is the fight for your own body. You are not only avoiding the very harmful chemicals that could create life threatening debases like cancer etc, but also the organic food replenishes the nutrients in plenty.

Various researches in the European countries have shown a direct link between immunity and organic food.

When a baby is born parents are very careful to only give the natural exposure to the babies because they very never exposed to the “artificial”. Babies are a lot more susceptible to the chemicals exposure than adults. While external safety can be ensured through care and protection inside the house, the only way for the protection from inside is organic baby food.

So far food has been looked at to only provide us the basic nutrients, which is carbohydrate, protein and fat and ultimately converting into energy. However our body needs thousands of other micronutrients as well. Conventionally grown products lack in many of these micronutrients because the heavy use of the chemicals that destroy the micronutrients in the soil. From the perspective of the babies and children, some of these micro-nutrients are directly responsible for physical growth and brain development and hence organic baby food would be a superior choice.

Even before COVID-19 the world had already started moving towards organic baby food or in general towards the organic products because people are becoming aware of the need and importance to avoid chemicals in their life.

Immunity is not the only benefit that you get because of using organic products. There are many other benefits for using organic products.

Health : Consumption of organic products saves you from the exposure to poisonous chemicals. These chemicals have the capacity of weakening your immunity and also triggering some unwanted changes in your body. The changes could be in form of imbalance of hormones that control a lot of function (including the physical growth and mental health) or triggering the uncontrolled growth of the cells also known as Cancer. Some of these chemicals have also been linked to trigger psychological disorders and lifestyle diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. Some of these chemicals can even kill even if taken in small portion directly. Organic products avoid the use of these chemicals at any stage of preparation. This starts with soil and ends on your plate, which means that in case of organic food it is from the “farm to fork” that the food is never exposed to any chemical. So start using the chemical free organic products.

Taste: Organic food is generally grown with traditional profile of the soil through the traditional methods and hence it is found that the taste of the organic food is much superior to conventionally grown food. There have been some studies where it has been found that babies have liked organic baby food better than the conventional baby food.

Environment: Agriculture is hit severely as science and mankind bring out artificial ways to improve it. But this entrenchment in chemical and growth enhancers do more damage than good as it destroys the quality of soil and the produce, hampering our health as well as the balance of the ecosystem. To counter all the corrosion, the organic product is the only answer. Chemicals sprayed in the fields ultimately get into the water, either the groundwater or in the rivers and that pollutes the marine life and may create larger uncontrollable harm to the whole environment. Organic itself means that the origin is from the living beings and hence the use of organic products saves the environment.

Socioeconomically: Because of so many diseases that are a direct result of the chemicals and pesticides it is creating more health burden on the society. A weaker society creates more stress on the health infrastructure. There have been many cases where farmer suicides have been linked with the use of chemical pesticides.

From a financial standpoint of the farmer, Organic is only sustainable farming method. This is specifically true for the small land hold farmers where the new-age machines would not be able to help much. Hence most of these times these farmers are dependent upon the half knowledge and end up spraying a lot more chemicals as otherwise would be needed. With the organic farming there is no need for any external agri-inputs and the farmers can generate enough manure in their fields itself and hence breaking the dependency on any external inputs and hence external money.

So even from a financial standpoint Organic products create overall better wealth for the whole society.

The world is moving at such a breakneck pace that we often forget to pause and reflect upon our action. This in turn has turned progress into a precarious weapon of self-destruction, something that puts the sustenance of all the living entities and the ecosystem at stake, and what better example than COVID-19 that the world is struggling with.

We need to treat our body like a baby and feed and use only natural and organic. “A walk to healthy future” would only start once “I” take the pledge of consuming only organic products. Then the family and then the society. It’s only “me” who is responsible for making sure that I carry a healthy body that has a strong immunity. This is only possible by consuming organic products. Start with organic food and then move to other products.

Eating Organic Products is not just a current fad adopted by the affluent, but this is a way of life.

Load your home with organic products and stay fit because Health is the only Wealth.

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