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The devil in disguise

Never mind pakodas and fries; boost your immunity with organic food in the monsoon, says Pankaj Agarwal

What can be more relaxing and refreshing in the weather with dark clouds, cool breeze and pouring rain than spending time with friends or family while enjoying deep fried hot snacks with tea and coffee? There is no other alternative to this ecstasy. As tempting as it may sound, the devil in disguise comes along with the beautiful rains. The only armour against the dreadful attack of infections, flu, diseases and health problems in this season is clean, hygienic and safe eating. While hygiene protects the food from outside, the internal and intrinsic safety of the food is organic food.

The result of being alert and aware is an immune system that resists bacteria, viruses and fungus from attacking the human body. The best way to have a highly immune body is the intake of healthy nutritious and natural foods. Seasonal fruit and vegetables should be consumed more during the monsoon, as the non-seasonal products may have greater chances of germs and bacteria and are generally preserved using unnatural methods.

The temptations of eating spicy, fried and mouth-watering food aren’t easy to fight. It needs strong valour to resist the urge of eating street food and staying on track with healthy organic food to be fit and active. After all, this is the fight for your own body. The other benefit that comes along with healthy organic food is its natural nutrients. Organic food doesn’t only save you from health ailments and infections but also makes your body stronger by boosting your immunity and replenishing the nutrients in plenty.

Only fresh and seasonal organic vegetables should be preferred—and fruit rich in anti-oxidants and herbs, or pulses and lentils rich in vitamins and protein. There are numerous cooking methods to make organic food delicious and appetising.The dishes prepared using organic vegetables, spices and herbs can make a gorgeous buffet with toothsome flavours. A salad that has fresh organic fruit with hints of lemon, mint, cilantro and mild organic spices can be a tasty appetiser to start with. Apart from the variety of organic fruit and vegetables available in the market, people should opt for organic spices, oils and herbs as well that adds to the taste of food and also helps in nourishing the body.

When it’s raining cats and dogs, and cool wind becomes the rain’s companion, the best way to enjoy the pleasant moment is with hot soups, organic tea and drinks. Organic herbs like moringa powder, ashwagangha combined with organic tea, stevia and others greatly benefit the body and helps in countering infectious germs. There are options available for organic pulses and lentils also which provide sufficient protein supplements to the body and add to the immunity.

This time when the monsoon rains your parade, strengthen your immunity by eating organic healthy food and making mouth-watering dishes to enjoy the season. Load your plate with organic produce and stay fit because no one likes to be sick and restrained from enjoying the lovely weather.

Pankaj Agarwal is Co-founder and MD, Just Organik

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